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Owner and principal Caitlin Acosta worked a wide variety of jobs as a young woman and has a long list of titles on her resume; office administrator & bookkeeper at a growing, woman-owned architecture firm, customer service representative & tax specialist at a local government office, stylist & sales manager at a fast-paced fashion retailer, data processor at a leading software company, nanny to a nine-month-old baby, gardener extraordinaire, crochet fanatic, and even gas station attendant.


Throughout her career, she noticed a common thread. She was passionate about helping small businesses on a ground-floor level to streamline their day-to-day operations and provide for all their financial needs.


In her experience, Caitlin observed that to keep a small business successful and profitable, the key is in the details. Piles of receipts and check stubs prevent you from being organized and efficient. Bank fees and service charges drain your accounts and your energy. "Love letters" from the IRS and local tax agencies send you reeling. And as general renaissance men and women, most small business owners don't have a lot of extra time for these details. That's where Spot On comes in. Organizing receipts and tax documents, communicating with your team and your CPA, creating budgets and reports, tracking expenses, and keeping accurate record of your company books - these are some of the services we provide for our clients. Our goal is to create solutions tailored to your office, so that you can do what you love and we can worry about the rest.


Caitlin created Spot On Solutions with this goal in mind in the summer of 2013 at the age of 25. She was later joined by her right-hand man and expert on everything; Greg is a certified bookkeeper and registered tax preparer. They've since been busy providing flawless bookkeeping services to their clients. Together they work out of Centreville, Falls Church and are members of the Falls Church City Chamber of Commerce and continue to have a strong tie to the community in the Northern Virginia area.


We are dedicated individuals who believe in what small business is all about - personal relationships with the customer, greater accountability, loyalty, and transparency, and a sense of social responsibility to the community. And we believe in providing that to our clients, whatever it takes.

Our mission is to empower the small business community by providing knowledgeable, personalized and cost-effective financial & organizational services. 



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