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It’s estimated that small business revenue now accounts for about 54% of all U.S. sales. This makes small business an exciting, quickly-expanding place to be. And we try to stay in the very center of all that! Across the country, people are making the change to working for themselves, from their homes, working for family owned and operated companies, or working as a freelancer within their industry. The days where 9 to 5-ers reigned may be approaching extinction.


We’re passionate and excited about this community of inspiring, motivated, innovative, and truly trailblazing professionals. And we think everyone should be.


Since the year 1990 Big Business has eliminated 4 million jobs; but small businesses have saved the day by creating 8 million new jobs. In the small business category of companies with 500 or less employees, firms with 1-20 workers made up 89.9% of that bracket according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And to top that, those “Small Firms” (less than 500 employees) accounted for 63% of the 22.9 million new jobs created in the last 20 years.



Small business… In big numbers!



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